Lore-friendly Muscle Wheels Pack [Add-on] 1.4



Completely remastered all vanilla GTA V wheels with a more fitting tire tread, and a better looking custom tire writing, thanks to TG Stig. Wheel size has also been reduced, and many fixes and improvements have been made to these wheels. Also added are some custom-made wheels, taking inspiration from real ones, or taking the models from different cars. This pack is an Add-On and is usable in FiveM servers.

V1.4 (15/02/2020)
-Added a huge amount of wheels and wheel varieties for existing wheels,
-Fixed Helix wheel missing brake disc oversight,
-Further adjustments to popped tire wheel radius.

V1.3.1 (01/14/2020)
-Fixed major paintable wheel texture issue,
-Made all tire textures embedded, making this pack usable on FiveM servers, and eradicating any missing texture bugs,
-Adjustments in wheel width.

V1.2 (01/13/2020)
-Hotfix version for a defragmented dlc.rpf (Thanks to Eddlm for pointing it out).

V1.1 (01/13/2020)
-Re-made every wheel to be up to Rockstar standards,
-Added Helix series wheels made by Dynamo,
-Added Dodman MKII series wheels,
-Fixed most tire clipping issues due to their unique shape, some cars might still clip under certain conditions.

Release V1.0 (01/07/2020)
-Remastered every muscle wheel in the game, along with adding a couple of other ones, and a plan to make loads more.

Known Bugs:
There might be a couple bugs associated with tires clipping through car geometry.

-Valante Luize Sushi for Gauntlet Retro screenshot
-Ydrop for giving me a converted version of Cairngorm wheels from Off road category and ideas.
-BenMcCall for giving me a voluptuous amount of great wheel ideas,
-Dynamo for providing idea and models for Helix and Bullseye wheels,
-TG Stig for letting me use his Enhanced Atomic Tire textures (,
-AbsolutelyHalal for Hellenbach 428 SSC screenshot (
-Deuce33 for giving me the idea of Classic Hazzard wheels,
-zk for suggesting ways how to make paintable Endurance wheels better looking.

Leave bug reports, and suggestions in the comments section or in Discord PMs in the readme file.
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