Hakucho Police Bike+BF400 Dirtbike [Add-On / Replace | Template | Unlocked] v1.4


Since the LSPD uses old harley bikes, it was time for a new bike in the fleet.
It's faster, better responding and has lots of lights.

Made the body of the bike wider, like it's realtime counterpart the BMW 1200.
Improved a lot of things.

Has multiple lore liveries(LSPD, LSSD, SAHP)

If you have bugs, movies or screenshots feel free to comment.
It's unlocked for improvement, personal use, dev tool etc. as long as the credits are mentioned.

I had it for a long time as many cars, made it for personal use. thought it would be nice to release it.

v1.1 added automatic installs(add-on/replace) changed the siren textures(better lights) and added mirror siren lights, fixed the dirt mapping.

V1.2 added the right hakuchou bike sound

V1.3 added the Police BF400 dirtbike + EUP LSPDFR config files to let them spawn in traffic.

V1.4 fixed the bodymapping problem
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