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The law enforcement wanted something faster, quicker, shorter.
So Declasse took a second look at the Granger and thought what we can do better,there was it Declasse Alamo shorter and better version of the Granger.

Mapped Short granger emergency version includes:

-LSPD - `polalamo`

-NOoSE SEP - `noosealamo`

-SAHP - `hwayalamo`

-BCSO - `bcalamo`

-SASP - `spalamo`

-LSSD - `sheralamo`

1.2/=updated all models

1.1/=updated the models with new asstets thanks to DW community

1.0/=-all models are now working and ready to go
-added LSSD version
-improved all other versions
-LCPD liveries has been removed due to upcoming LC pack
-Gruppe6 Livery has been removed due to copyright issue
-Removed pushbar from LSPD version due to it causing model issues
-'Alamo2' now using Voit's Edge lightbar

2.3b=/updated the bcso version(now cover all the roof and showed back glass)
added rde style livery.-fixed alamo5

2.1b=/fixed glass

2.0b=/-major model fix(lights,textures,badge)
-3 new versions are added alamo2=sheriff edge lightbar
alamo5=park ranger
-fixed security version


Rockstar Games - Original car model(long granger)

Tall70 - Short Granger

Carrythxd - Add-on pack

Bozza - Liveries

Jacobmaate - Lore Friednly Arjent

Skitty - Police console

Eddlm Handling.meta

Voit Turyv - Edge Lightbar Model , pushbar model , traffic advisor base model, SAHP spotlight and Siren texture.

11john11Edge lightbar editing and it's Carcols.meta, Generic SAHP and LSPD/LSSD wheels , base carcols.

Boywond & SnH FireFighter - Alamo badges

11john11 - Screenshots
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