Chevrolet Suburban Counter Assault Team (CAT) 1.2



This is the CAT suburban or counter assault team suburban commonly used by the Secret Service in motorcades. They can be found in the back of the motorcades with the purpose of taking out threats that approach from behind. This is done by making the third row of seats facing backwards allowing someone usually equipped with a smg to shoot out the trunk window which has been lifted out of the way as seen in the pictures.
Special thanks to @SkylineGTRFreak for the base model. Also, thanks to @DevinKan for the lightbar

Bullet resistant glass
light-bar and sirens
side light bar
Trunk window moved out of the way
Rear facing 3rd row seats that can be sat in
shooting out the rear window works

Weird texture glitch with LODs. (Hopefully to be fixed)
Release History:
1.0: Release
1.1: License plate fixed
1.1.1: Random texture fixes
1.2: New lightbar, side lightbar, better textures, better interior, partially fixed LODs.

Future updates:
Fix bugs listed above
Add secret service beadlock wheels option
Add option for slicktop
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