Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress [Add-On]



'The loss was not total... but Boeing's hopes for a substantial bomber contract were dashed.'
— Peter Bowers, 1976[30]

1.fixed view of bomb bay doors
2.fixed hand position on steeringwheel

So this originally was a uncompleted port of SkylineGTRFreak's B-17G from GTA-SA by GTAEU-mods,since he has left the model unlocked,me and Yoha kinda fixed the model and remapped it so that it has multi-livery function.And after a long time of waiting due to my personel problems,here it is,the living miracle of the USAF:D

Currently the flying fortress only have a weak air defense,the gunner positions have been cancelled due to R* Editor crashes caused by the turret mounted on planes,same issue happpens on skyline's Ju-87D Stuka and Embraer's CL-II.Guess we're not gonna add it until it's fixed.
The interior is very low poly,since it's a SA era mod,the interior means nothing back then lol.the cockpit might get updated once we or skyline find one nice interior that means no working gauges for now

Comes with 2 US skins,2 Germany skins and 1 japanese skin

P.S:I've merged some of the screenshots of a new P-51 skin I worked on,I may upload it in the future
P.P.S:Come on,some one make a WWII dog fight script already XD I'm tired of spawning AIs and give paths to them to simulate a WWII dog fight.

Check out skylineGTRFreak's Instagram to be up-to-date with his WIP works and to submit livery requests for new airliners.
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