Boeing 737-200 First Air Livery

F83f27 gta v   first air 737 200c over north yankton
F83f27 gta v   first air 737 200c with air canada a320
F83f27 gta v   first air 737 200c takes off at lsia with a westjet encore dash 8 waiting


Here's the next of my 737 liveries for Bushiido444's 737-200, and it's from an airline you might not have heard of! This here is a 737-200 (actually a 200C Combi, but the original mod isn't of that variant) operated by First Air, a regional airline in Canada which connects the more northerly provinces of Nunavut, Nunavik (Northern Quebec) and the Northwest Territories with Canada's more populated regions such as Ontario and Manitoba.

This particular 737-200C, registered as C-GNWN, crashed a short distance away from Resolute Bay Airport in Nunavut on the 20th of August 2011 while flying First Air Flight 6560, killing 12 out of the 15 people on board. May the people who lost their lives in the crash of Flight 6560 rest in peace.

First Air has since retired their 737-200 and 200Cs, and has replaced them with newer 737-400 and 400C airliners.

Original FSX Livery by Alex FABER.

You will need to download Bushiido444's 737-200 mod before you can install this, as this is just the ytd file you need to replace the original with:

Instructions are included in the readme - you will need OpenIV to install this correctly.
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