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  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    I wish no crash on impact can be done to helicopters, with 50/50 randomness, so it gets more diverse during heli crashes

    lauantai 26. toukokuuta 2018
  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    @L3gi0n it's a don, I'm just not preparing the RPF for you, you have to put it in your own, or added into existing one in game as it states in the directions but because it does not replace any model it must be an add-on that is only way

    keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2018
  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    @JRod I just checked, both versions have wheels all the way to L4, means 0-3 because l4 is really just static squares mounted to chassis, the one with original wheels (same as on link you posted) has them actually untouched, the one with different headlights has different wheels is on pic here

    i tested them both...not sure how you have them disappearing, suspecting some lod numbers manipulation in vehicles.meta. Original lines which came with it should make it right 4 u

    maanantai 14. toukokuuta 2018
  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    @JRod idk why links do not work, ok i'll check in my game for it

    maanantai 14. toukokuuta 2018
  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    @JRod all my mods have full lods, but ill double check, maybe i messed up something accidentally. Also, I keep real like suspension settings in my handling files with rear slightly higher than the front just like you see it on my original mod

    It should look the same if handling is used

    lauantai 12. toukokuuta 2018
  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    Hey... u ding good, im Czech, english is not perfect either. I didn't make this you probably know, it's a conversion from gta4 static yacht. I only made few additional interior spaces, this was actually my second project originally for gta4. I'm only not updating, because of not enough time for hobbies. However the model is unlocked and it's available to anybody to work on it. It seems R* could make this easy them self but I don't think their collision models were originally set up for this large objects.

    maanantai 30. huhtikuuta 2018
  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    @ilayarye I didn't have time for nothing, so if you want to release your own civilian versions, it's fine, just remember to keep windows rolling disabled with default, because it had bug spinning other axis.

    <animConvRoofWindowsAffected />

    and civilian version should stay truck/suv capable as my original was. When i have time to piddle with it, we can combine improvements.

    tiistai 27. maaliskuuta 2018
  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    The problem with the police in gta5 is that they see you through the walls. While the stars are blinking, helicopter will fly right above your hiding spot and they start reeling down, then they just walk in through the door, same with police cars. When you lose them and im not in line of sight they not supposed to know where I'm at, I'm not sure if this is a bug imperfection, or intentional from devs... but I was always wondering if this would be fixable through Script natives, because effort of running away from them renders pretty much useless.

    tiistai 20. maaliskuuta 2018
  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    Well...i'm in process of changing some stuff on it too, I'm doing 3D headlights for cavalcade2 version and separater crack in between bed of the truck and it's attachment, just like real Avalanche has...and few more other things. I'm going to focus on that little faster and we can combine improvements, yes please send it to me... and thanks for the police version that was really needed and I didn't have the time

    torstai 8. maaliskuuta 2018
  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    @Number1GojiFan Cadillac style is all
    8 images from beginning including 1st big one. Image 9,10,11, is Avalanche Style

    maanantai 5. maaliskuuta 2018