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    To install this mod, even though it says "Add-on" This mod is actually replacing the file "jet" in game. you can't spawn via name of plane, only spawn as jet like a normal jet. Download and extract all files. Use Open IV and enable Edit mode and go to the following location: mods/x64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf, in this location, you simply drag all files from the "vehicles file" folder into the location opened in OpenIV and it will automatically replace it when you drag it and release your mouse.

    Replace the Handling.meta file in the same manner, which is located at:
    OR you can manually edit and put the data values in the Readme. Simply right-click and edit the Handling.meta in the OpenIV location and click "search". Type ">jet<" and you can replace the values by copy/paste and click save.

    You would do the same for vehicles.meta file which is located here:

    Follow similar instructions as for Handling.meta. Even though you can simply replace the file by drag and drop, it is best practice to manually edit as when you start adding more vehicles, if you end up using other mod's vehicles.meta, it will only contain changes to that vehicle file and simply replacing it will work, but it will remove all other changes to other mod files that you changed for others as you replaced the file with a default but only THAT mod's data. You'll thank me later if you start doing this way. As always, backup any files you are changing.

    torstai 30. marraskuuta 2017
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    @Manamal What a life saver!, Cannot thank you enough! I was able to get mods working from the addon peds!

    torstai 30. marraskuuta 2017
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    @WhoAml Yep, I have the same issue, but not only that, any buildings or props or just the overall environment where the roads are located, disappear in and out. The game is trying to load way too many add-ons of the road in the draw distance the eye can see per viewing scale. It keeps replacing one road with new and new with the old vice versa from different areas from your view so it can load them. This is definitely an amazing mod, but I think an Add-On of a 2GB+ file should be best installed as a replacement. I will remove this mod for now.

    tiistai 28. marraskuuta 2017
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    In the instructions, it says to place the two files in the following directory: mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf\
    However, I get up to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\ and there is no "addonpeds" folder

    maanantai 27. marraskuuta 2017
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    The files to drag and drop for the prop grape seed sign in the last folder only has one file the .ytd file. The picture gives location of where to drap file such as x64h.rpf, but what about the other files such as the prop grape seed sign 01 and 02.yft? The picture gives location of x64c.rpf. Those files are not in the download or in the folder at least, I'm assuming I don't need the file or does the file need to be dropped in the x64c.rpf too?

    lauantai 11. marraskuuta 2017
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    I have the exact question, what do I need to search in vehicle spawner by model? I type "kornmods" and say's invalid model. Do I have to type the exact name of a vehicle? All other mods other than this work just fine when spawning by model. I have followed exact steps as instructed. The only thing different I did was in the instructions it said to go to "\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data" to add the codes, but I used "\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data" Like I have for every other mods.

    torstai 1. syyskuuta 2016