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  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    You'd have to use something like Menyoo or SNT I'm afraid. There's far too many interior props for ENT to handle properly. Exact same issue as the nightclub (just results in an "out of memory" crash).

    Bodyguards are given the same ped group as yours, so they follow you about the place. If I remember right we tried teleporting them into different vehicles but they'd just get out the vehicle and into yours if there was a free seat. It's just how R* set up the ped group behaviour.

    2 päivää sitten
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    @Starfox Saw
    You don't use either to mod in Online, and ENT is not supported for Online either. It's a SP only mod.

    DLC is downloadable content i.e the actual update files (Benny's Mod shop etc). If you have a legit game it should automatically be downloaded/installed.

    4 päivää sitten
  • Df5e9e censored avatar


    I know, I'm just saying it won't be possible as FiveM uses LUA (usually) and ENT uses C++. We'd have to re-code large parts of ENT for it to work with FiveM (and FiveM's scripthook).

    5 päivää sitten
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    @Starfox Saw
    Do you have the DLC installed?

    FiveM does things differently than how the Scripthook does it, so that won't be possible. There's other menus built specifically for FiveM like Lamda menu (which was based on ENT) which are purpose built for FiveM.

    6 päivää sitten
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    That's an issue with the OpenVHook scripthook you're using, not necessarily ENT. I've had issues with OpenVHook and ENT before when the I used it to test ENT pre-scripthook update.

    It's not built for FiveM, no. It used to semi-work years ago but I haven't tried since if I'm honest. Menyoo had the same issue if I remember right.

    8 päivää sitten
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    I can't take credit for that. That's Alex's work! :)

    Are you using OpenVHook or the official Scripthook?

    @TheOceanIsAVast @Sansskut @GoldenTicket
    You can try temporarily removing your ENT.db file and loading the game to see if a setting was causing the crash. Type: %appdata% into a Windows explorer window (where the file path is) and find the ENT folder. Move ent.db somewhere and relaunch the game.

    Alternatively disconnect any controller you have plugged in.

    8 päivää sitten
  • Df5e9e censored avatar
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    Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 42 bugfix update 8

    Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:
    * Added a 'Police Lights' option under the 'Vehicles / Vehicle Control' menu + hotkey.
    * Added a 'Game Speed While Aiming In Vehicle Only' option.
    * Added a 'Nitrous Power' option for the 'Nitrous' feature.
    * Added a 'Disable Recording' option under a new 'Hud Settings' menu. It disables F1 and F2 buttons. You can use them to bind any other keys now like ENT's launch key for example.

    * Improved the 'Cops Weapon' feature + fixed some bugs. Added the 'Up-n-Atomizer' and the 'Unholy Hellbringer' weapons + fixed some performance flaws.
    * Improved the 'License Plates' option under the 'Vehicles / Modifications' menu. It supports add-on plates now.
    * Improved the 'Wheel Choice' option under the 'Vehicles / Modifications' menu. It supports custom wheels now.
    * Improved the 'Turn Indicators On If Turn Angle Is' option. It detects turn angle accurate now.
    * Improved the 'Enter Name Manually' feature. It shows a tip now.

    * Fixed a tiny bug in the 'Peds Don't Like Weapons' feature. Fixed some performance issues.
    * Fixed a tiny bug in both the 'Manual Respawn' and the 'Instant Respawn On Death/Arrest' options. Time scale wasn't restored correctly sometimes.
    * Fixed some bugs in the 'Road Laws' feature. Optimized performance.
    * Fixed some tiny bugs in the 'Spawn Bodyguards' option.
    * Fixed a tiny bug in the 'Bus Interior Light On At Night' option. It didn't disable interior light after the engine was killed.
    * Fixed some bugs in the 'Vehicle Indicators' feature. It no longer breaks exterior vehicle indicators mods.
    * Fixed some nasty bugs in the 'NPC Show Current Health' option. It didn't work properly sometimes.
    * Fixed a tiny bug in the 'Levitation' option. Performance flaws have been fixed.
    * Fixed some bugs in the 'Follow In Vehicle' option.
    * Fixed some similar bugs in the 'Fast Run' and the 'Movement Speed' options. They are compatible with similar options of other trainers now.
    * Fixed a nasty bug in the 'Peds Health' option. It didn't work occasionally.
    * Fixed some bugs in the 'Change Weather' feature. Optimized performance a bit.
    * Fixed some bugs in the 'Nitrous' feature.
    * Fixed a tiny bug in the 'Random Spawn Vehicle' option.
    * Fixed some nasty bugs in the 'Airbrake' feature. Non default keybinds didn't work properly.
    * Fixed a tiny bug in the 'Chauffeur To Marker' feature.

    Known Bugs:-
    ⦁ If you attempt to load the same IPL one after the other (i.e CEO office Style 1 -> CEO office Style 1 (Messy)) then the IPL will fail to load unless you load another one and teleport back.
    ⦁ Some of the weapon tints (namely MK1 tints) use the incorrect name in ENT. This is a side effect of using the in-game names.
    ⦁ Some vehicle mod options use the wrong category name (i.e Arena War vehicles have mods which use the same mod index as normal vehicles, but their contents are different).

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    9 päivää sitten
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    That isn't related to ENT, so you'll have to look up the specific mod's install instruction.

    Do you mean if you update ENT will you keep your settings? If so, then yes as your settings are saved separately in Appdata.

    It saves all enabled features in a SQL Lite DB. You can find it by typing %appdata% into File explorer and going into the ENT folder.

    9 päivää sitten
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Yes but the scripthook doesn't, and OpenVHook has issues.

    10 päivää sitten
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    It should be under Vehicles -> Modifications -> page 3 ish.

    That's an issue with OpenVHook not ENT. AB needs to update his scripthook to support the EGS version (which is currently version 1868.4 but the Social Club and Steam versions are currently 1868.1).

    sunnuntai 24. toukokuuta 2020