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  • 73a7bf theaetik

    - Fixed bug that would override Wingman Blip color to White (now Blue)
    - All Upgrades now reset as expected when trading Avatars

    5 päivää sitten
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @egamerxp 5.0 Wishlist: First donation(s) in 8+ months ;)

    @skeeze415 I see you have millions of videos on your channel so I can relate in that sense, you're passionate about what you're doing, yet your numbers don't seem to increase much. I hate that feeling too.

    Link me to your video and I'll add it in the description.

    maanantai 11. maaliskuuta 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @skeeze415 Because they made the best videos I have seen for my mod?

    Other videos I found were repetitively asking TO SMASH THAT LIKE & SUBSCRIBE BUTTON and if they should make more Fortnite videos, plus how this is EXACTLY like Fortnite. Also no mentions of me or link to my mod in their description, that's a bit of a big no no for me.

    Anwyays, if you think a video should be there let me know.

    perjantai 1. maaliskuuta 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    Ok... I've re-uploaded previous versions for people with cracked versions of GTAV...

    perjantai 1. maaliskuuta 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @NGame Not sure what to say but you're failing to load the "Freecrawler". There shouldn't be any problems with the official Steam Version and the trainer I recommend.

    @Iceetz Unfortunately that would be insanely time consuming so no. However, I did make a thread detailing how you can make your own but it's very technical. If for some reasons anyone is suddenly interested, I'll add some in a future update sometimes.

    perjantai 15. helmikuuta 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik


    From the description...

    - It says # Assets Loaded and stops there (Cracked version? You need ALL the MP content updates.)

    torstai 14. helmikuuta 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @Manish Lamba The same rule that applies to any other scripts on this site, also applies here.
    If you can with the other you can with this one too.

    lauantai 9. helmikuuta 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @RangerBD71 That's your reason for a 3 *? Lol.

    torstai 7. helmikuuta 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik
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    -- TOROS (Modern SUV)
    -- ITALI GTO (Ferrari variant)
    -- ZR380 (350z Variant)
    -- Hellraiser Laser under the OMEGA upgrade (see below)

    NEW SPECIAL: GAMBLER (Formally known as WINGMAN special43)
    - GAMBLER Gives +10 armor/sec while outside Blue Zones

    UPGRADES ----------------------------------------------------------
    WINGMAN is now a Royal Avatar upgrade instead of a special
    -- Only Royal Avatars can own a WINGMAN, an AI partner
    -- Buy a WINGMAN with a Networth of at least 15000 and 4 Merits
    SHRIKE is the new upgrade rename for the MK2 Opressor
    - SHRIKE Networth minimum requirement reduced from 20000 to 10000
    - Merit cost remains at 2 - it is the cheaper upgrade of all 3
    OMEGA is a new Royal Avatar upgrade
    -- Buy OMEGA with a Networth of at least 50000 and 10 Merits
    -- OMEGA permanently equips the Avatar with the NEW RayCarbine
    -- OMEGA is the endgame item for Royal Avatars

    - You can no longer capture the last zone while inside a vehicle
    - DEVILSTOUCH now works against bikers
    - PROXY and LIVE now are WHITE Icons to reflect WINGMAN changes
    - Increased the range for ZERO I/II + DEVILSTOUCH
    - Reduced Helicopter Pilots health from 100 to 50
    - CCP to next Merit changed from 5000 to 7500 (always cummulative)

    - They now appear in the mod Frontend / Character Selection
    - They now have a tag and appear on Radar
    - They now relocate closer with the player after Blink
    - They spawns in the player car at the start of the round
    - They are now MP models and won't scream "ur a shit" constantly
    - They now have a random Sidearm and Rifle
    - They use their Sidearm in the Vehicle and Rifle on foot
    - They no longer remain bloody

    - Fixed issues in the Merit earning logic
    - Enemies no longer vanish on Victory, they are disarmed instead
    - Phone now disabled during character screen
    - Some light OnTick script optimizations

    - Added Special Thanks page dedicated to Donors

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    sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @MAFINS Thanks man, I appreciate that.

    Can you tell me what the option is called and its repertory? I'll update with the info after you've uploaded it.

    Also lol @ 16,244 downloads in 4 days. I'm bodied in download count here...

    tiistai 15. tammikuuta 2019