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  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @flonner The code for regular land vehicles hasn't changed a bit but R* made some major changes in the vehicle handlings again. Which speed presets and drivestyle presets are you referring to?

    18 hours ago
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @kokomijaj89 Everything you need is in this Download. So if there is no ModSettings folder inside Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V then please create one and unpack this zip file there ->
    However, I wonder why these files are not created automatically. Is there anything in the ScriptHookVDotNet2.log?

    Yksi päivä sitten
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @kokomijaj89 Where is your standard Windows created Documents folder? Have you redirected it to a different place?

    2 päivää sitten
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @sjaak327 Is this "Hide current weapon"? If so then no, they are still screaming. However, they don't run away. They didn't do it before either. So it's not causing chaos in the traffic or something like this. It's kind of annoying but nothing really effed up. :)

    3 päivää sitten
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @Gotb00st05 The menu handling works independent from the rest. What about the configuration file I mentioned above?
    Is there any key binding from a different mod conflicting? Sadly most modders don't care for proper key filtering and if there is any other mod which reacts to the M-key (with or without any of the Shift, Ctrl or Alt-keys) this could be the cause for your issue. Please remove ALL script mods (ScriptHookVDotNet-Mods, LUA-mods and asi-mods) EXCEPT for VAutodrive.dll. VCommonFunctions.dll and NativeUI.dll and try again. If it works then the culprit is any of your other mods. That does not mean you have to live without them. Go to the path I mentioned above and open VAutodriveConfig.xml with any text editor. Find the key container for OpenMenu. It looks like this:


    Now change the key from M to anything you see fit, for example <d2p1:Key>B</d2p1:Key>
    You can also change the Alt, Ctrl and Shift tags to either true or false.
    Watch out to not destroy the structure. If you accidentally delete any of the brackets this configuration file becomes unreadable! Usually you would never need to see the inside of this file because you can change all the key bindings via menu but unfortunately you cannot open it yet.

    3 päivää sitten
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @sjaak327 Thanks a lot for the vehicle weapons removal option. :)

    3 päivää sitten
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @Gotb00st05 Have you installed NativeUI.dll and VCommonFunctions.dll? They are part of the download. Also please look if the mod has created the configuration file. There should be a new folder named ModSettings in C:\Users\YourPCAccountName\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V and inside the ModSettings folder there should be a file named VAutodriveConfig.xml

    3 päivää sitten
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @MAFINS As I mentioned in the guide the autopilot for the Deluxo and the Stromberg aren't fully working. I wish I'd know a native function which supports these special vehicles but since no NPCs drive those vehicles in their special state I guess there is no such function but I hope I'm wrong. Maybe you can help me with this?

    4 päivää sitten
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @sjaak327 Thanks a lot mate. :)

    5 päivää sitten