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    @Aeztus Thank you.

    Regarding replacing cars or adding new slots, it's usually just personal preference. In the most cases, I use mods to replace default cars with more realistic versions, I rarely use add-on cars.

    Adding a new slot is not too difficult, especially in cases like this, where only the vehicles.meta and carvariations.meta needs to be edited. If you'd like to turn this car into an add-on car, you just need to change the slot name as explained in the readme and add a new txdRelationships item in the vehicles.meta set to use the vehicles_poltax_interior texture.

    keskiviikko 2. lokakuuta 2019
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    Thanks everybody for the positive reactions. All the people involved in creating this car have spent a lot of time making it look as good as possible, and I'm really glad it's being appreciated.

    Regarding non-ELS models, I personally use ELS, mostly because I really like having lightstages, that's why I haven't made any non-ELS cars. On top of that, setting up ELS pattern is much easier (although you have more limited options), so if I turn this Charger to non-ELS, I would probably keep the default pattern instead of the LAPD setup. I have to admit that I work rather slowly, and since time is limited, I'd prefer focusing on the projects I've already started working on, that I'd use in my own game.

    @brodie420 I'll never use siderunners :D This specific car will not get any more equipment, since it's based on LAPD's Chargers. For my current project (a Blaine County Sheriff pack), slicktop/unmarked versions of the Charger and Ram with more equipment are already planned.

    @LukeDominic There actually has never been a civilian Chevrolet Caprice, only the Holden Caprice in Australia. Some versions of the 2014 Charger are planned, but I can't make any promises, because chances are high that it will take very long.

    lauantai 28. syyskuuta 2019
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    @MoravianLion I meant to add it to the title as well, but I forgot to do it. Added it now.

    @BKDeath2012 @pumaone Possibly at some point, at the moment I don't have plans to work on non-ELS cars.

    perjantai 27. syyskuuta 2019