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  • Simeon

    @InfamousSabre There is one bug that incomodate me, One is the gun, when l throw a Grenade or something, the gun in your hand duplicates and appears back in your holster and it just disappear again when the throw animation is finished. There is somethings that you could add, one is the accessories of the weapon with the Gun on the Holster or the back, it would be nice. Another thing I found it strange, is the reaction of the NPC when l shot him, he just make a hit sound but no reaction (missing Ragdoll on NPC when Shot)

    2 päivää sitten
  • Simeon

    @InfamousSabre Bruhhh this is a very cool mod, obvioustly it has some bugs, but it is very cool, l translated in Portuguese (my native language) just for realism

    5 päivää sitten
  • Simeon

    Hey Bro, could you add the After Hours's Characters to Bodyuguards Options????

    lauantai 29. syyskuuta 2018
  • Simeon

    @sjaak327 Sometimes l die for no reason, like when l jump in the Michael's Pool, or dying for Heart Attack without even moving. l think is Special God Mode Glitch, or own game Glitch, ldk, but that is strange as Fuff. Oh yeah, and sometimes Special God Mode don't work, but l understand, becouse the game was scripted for die instantly in determined times, Could you please do something about it (fix)??? (idk if is something with the Trainer)

    lauantai 22. syyskuuta 2018
  • Simeon

    @jedijosh920 Hey man, could you please fix or modify theese bugs??? They are a little, anoying for me:

    - Musics are inverted
    Dixon = Solomun Music
    Solomun = Tale Of Us Music
    Tale Of Us = Dixon Music
    - All Peds you can move by bumping on them
    - All lights rigs are glitched (all active at the same time)
    At least thoose needs to be fixed, but is a lot more minor bugs

    keskiviikko 19. syyskuuta 2018
  • Simeon

    @sjaak327 Bro, ldk if you already put this option, but, where are the Tale Of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna mixes in LSUR??? Sorry if already has, l don't read the Updates or Comments

    sunnuntai 16. syyskuuta 2018
  • Simeon

    Update, please

    lauantai 1. syyskuuta 2018
  • Simeon

    @sjaak327 Yes, Liveries, Wheels, Armor, Engine, Turbo, Neons... and also, Bumbers, Roof... all of that, l am just suggesting, if you don't want, its ok, l'l use Menyoo or Enhanced Native Trainer, but if put that Option, l will be very greatful

    lauantai 25. elokuuta 2018
  • Simeon

    @sjaak327 Tune my vehicle to Max instantly, it will save a lot of time, instead of upgrading the vehicle separately

    lauantai 25. elokuuta 2018
  • Simeon

    This mod is Unfinished, it has so many bugs, and is incomplete, the main ones is:


    - In 1920 x 1080 the radar (and problaby the HUD) is too small and Short
    - The LSUR and Blonded is glitched
    - The Buttons on the Controller don't appear
    - The Weapon Wheel is to squeezed (at least for me)
    - The Map on Pause Menu is bugged


    - The top of Pause Menu still the Next-Gen one
    - MIssing the MK II weapons on Weapon wheel (put the Original One)
    - Please, remove the Self Car appearing on radar
    - Lack of information on the Download files
    - Low quality of HUD, Weapon Wheel (mainly), and Radios Stations
    - Graphics Settings removed, please put it again

    Please, correct all this, and the Mod will be 90% Complete

    lauantai 25. elokuuta 2018