Handling Injector 2.1



Handling Injector by PeppeProduction, it work in Story and ONLINE mode.

How to use:
Import/set/get car handling, and press F5 to inject to the car, Have fun :)

I do not assume any liability.

It work on Steam and Social Club version,
If you have net framework error try to run as administrator.

This is a simple program that change the values of the handling found in memory process of (GTA5 process) and It replaces them with your custom values.
when you exit the game everything is like it was.

open exe file and import your custom handling.meta, join in game, get in car and press f5 to inject new handling values.

Help me to improve the mod: If you found a bug, or you have ideas to improve the mod, tell it.

sorry for my bad english.
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