GTA V InstallPath Tool 7.3 (w/ shortcuts support)


You installed GTA V on wrong Path or must Move the full GTA V folder to an other HDD to make space on the hard disk where Windows is installed?
Just move the folder is not working? or you have 2 Installations (1 for Online and 1 for Offline [Modding]) and need an solution to switch between Copies?

This is a solution for your Problem!

With this Tool you can change the Game path to that Location where you want.
The only requirement is a Valid GTA V folder!

Now with Shortcuts!
Create desktop shortcuts for every path and start and set the path directly from the shortcut!

Latest Update:
[Added] Rebuild IconCache to "Settings"
[Added] Restart desktop to "Settings"
[Added] Status progress while rebuilding the IconCache
[Fix] Shortcut manager not correctly working since last windows updates [THX to @DaSeit99 for his attention!]
[Fix] Some shortcut manager options
[Improved] Desktop (explorer.exe) Running check (No more questions if desktop is started)
[Improved] Shortcut System (to avoid the the shortcut manager not correctly working)

_________ CONTENTS _________

1. System Requirement
2. Information
3. How to use
4. FAQ
5. Known Bugs
6. Credits
7. Changelog

_________ System Requirement _________
--- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
--- Administrator Rights (Is needed to Edit the Registry. It doesn't start without!)

_________ Information _________
This Tool sets the Game Path on Registry.
Only Moving the folder is not working because the Game look in the Registry.

Tested on GTA Online!
No Guarantee or Support for Pirated Versions of GTA5!!!

_________ How to use _________
1. Start this Tool
2. Set your Valid GTA V folder Path
3. Click on "Set selected Path" and thats it!

_________ FAQ _________
--- What do this Tool exactly?
It changes the installpath file from GTA 5 in the Registry.

--- Are there more planned features?
No not on this Tool. But iam working on some other useful Tools for GTA 5 :)
I only Release Updates to make it 100% work without Bugs.

--- Why there is no v4.x?
Because i destroyed the project by a big mistake. Thats why i skip v4.x.

_________ Known Bugs _________
No Bugs yet

_________ Credits _________
- Gang1111 (Developer)

_________ Changelog _________
Look at the about section in tool.
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