TheGamer Menu 3.2



This is my first Mod!

I want to clarify that this is still just a project, so I apologize for any bugs

How to download:

After downloading the files (TheGamer Menu.dll, menu.ini, ScriptHookVDotNet and NativeUI) enter ScriptHookVDotNet and NativeUI in the GTA 5 directory, then create a folder called "scripts" (in the GTA directory) and insert the file into it .dll, .txt and the .ini file.

To change the various menu settings, open the .ini file and edit under the appropriate sections.

UNIQUE menu features:

Auto drive:

If you are in a vehicle with a point marked on the map, the car will start to drive to the indicated marker.


My menu allows you to RENT the BodyGuard for a price tot, you can also choose to rent an immortal bodyguard, but this will result in a price increase (prices can be changed from the .ini file, but remember that even if you put as price 0, the immortal BodyGuard will always cost 50 $$ (the price of the immortal bodyguard depends on the price you put in the .ini file, if you put 100 the calculation that will make the menu will be 100 + 50.))



Development Info:

Version 2.0:

I've really fixed a lot of bugs, but I'm working on a lot of additions!

What am I working on?:

I would like to add a function to resurrect dead peds, unfortunately I do not do very well with vectors and ped management in the world, I will try to study a bit how to do it!

the following functions have already been implemented and will be released soon:

Thermal Vision

Changes to the color of the vehicle

Improvements (already implemented):

God mode, now you can't lose health even for the character's tiredness.

I thank Jitnaught for helping me with the creation of the "Eject" function
I also thank bdking00 for having the original idea!



Thank you for using my mod :)

I apologize for my English, I'm Italian
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