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A mod that saves your position and model when you exit the game, then spawns the player back at that location when you start the game again.
You can also change the settings so you can manually set a position to spawn at later.

Install Script Hook V.
Install Script Hook V .NET.
Extract LastLocation.dll and LastLocation.ini to within the scripts folder in your GTA V directory.

By default the script is set to automatically save the player's position and model and load it on game start-up.
If you set the AUTOMATIC ini setting to False, press End by default to save your position.
If you manually set a position, by default when you start the game and the position is loaded, it will be removed so that the next time you start up you won't be in the same position again. You can change this by setting MANUAL_ALWAYS_KEEP_POSITION to True.

To make the player spawn at a new location I had to remove the camera animations that happen at startup. Now there is just a simple fade-in from black screen.

Configurable settings in INI file:
AUTOMATIC: Whether to save the player's position automatically or not. If this is set to False you have to press the manual save key to save your position.
MANUAL_SAVE_KEY: The key to save your position when AUTOMATIC is set to False.
MANUAL_REMOVE_SAVED_POSITION_KEY: The key to remove your saved position when AUTOMATIC is set to False. Set to None to disable.
MANUAL_ALWAYS_KEEP_POSITION: Whether to keep the saved position after game start when AUTOMATIC is set to False. If this is set to True, on EVERY game start you will start at your saved position.
SAVE_PLAYER_MODEL: Whether to remember the player's model or not.
SAVE_POSITION_INTERVAL: The interval in milliseconds at which to save the player's position to the INI file. If you set this too low you'll lag.
TIME_TO_FADE_IN: How long it takes in milliseconds for the fade-in that happens at game startup to fade in fully.

  • v1.3:
    • Added ability to remember player's model (enabled by default).
    • Fixed black screen flickering sometimes.

  • v1.2:
    • Fixed player placement when spawning. You will no longer spawn on the top of buildings when you were previously inside them.
    • Fixed accuracy of TIME_TO_FADE_IN. If you're updating the mod I suggest changing TIME_TO_FADE_IN to a larger value such as 3000.
    • Fixed temporary incorrect camera placement and low quality map when starting game.
    • Position is no longer continuously saved when not moving/AFK.

  • v1.1:
    • Added ability to save position manually.
    • Added ability to remove manually saved position.
    • Open-sourced (because I forgot to earlier).

Source code.

Fairace: for requesting the script.
Jitnaught: for writing the script.
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