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This mod allows you to call and have a stripper at any of the valid interiors, to get a stipper, call the contact "Personal Stripper" and choose stripper, location, is topless, and dance and select "Request Stripper at location"\

Download NativeuI :
drag nativeui and IFruitaddon2 (included in zip) into scripts
install scripthookv, scripthookvdotnet
drag Personal Stripper.dll into scripts

to start the dance, go to her and sit in the press e when prompted or press q to send here home

initial release
added Fufu, Sapphire, Juliet
fixed appearance of Chasisty
added Double stripper Option
added first workings of Hold and Flirt
if you want an interior to be added please contact me here :

removed Dance D cause it was the same as Dance A
switched animations to syncronous animations to make them look better
fixed minor issues on first time using the stripper
added Support for addon peds, or other ingame peds
added Biker DLC Club houses to available locations
fixed duplicating Blips
added HoldLock function, will lock the player into the holding animation
fixed Stripper Sometimes Freezing
added method for changing Strippers Dance outside of watching her
fixed some issues with animations randomly stoping when trying to hold stripper
added syncronous animation to enter and exit, when watching a stripper and getting a dance
added Randomize outifit, see Personal Stripper Randomisation (READ) in Zip, will allow you to Randomize each Strippers Outfit, especially usefull with Addon peds
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