Omega Cam 0.5.S1

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---------- Changelog ------
0.5.S1: FreeCam is Free
0.5.S0: Still Alive \oXo/

20-03-19 UPDATE 21:58

OmegaCam: Now Is FREE ... Cam

Visit GtaForums for more Knowledge

Enjoy Astral Projection
Courtesy of the Stars


First of all install ScriptHookV to your game folder.
Unzip both files to the same folder and replace:

OmegaCam.txt -- test/password > Omega/NickName

Where NickName can be any word of your choice.
There could be other rooms, just Omega for now.

I also recommend installing Enhanced Native Trainer
and use Ultimate Perfect Game Save as entry point.

You can find a map of the controls in GtaForums
but their meaning... still has to be discovered.

Be sure to include OmegaCam.txt
and modify it with your NickName


This is a social experiment
inspired by Chiliad Mystery

Is not a challenge for players,
but for the whole community.

Just remember there will be no explanation
until you, the players, decide to arrange it.

I know there are many questions to answer,
well, it is a pleasure I am reserving for you.

Help each other... inspire them.
That said, here are some clues:

Chiliad Mystery:

Let's Crack Some Easter Eggs

Hold R1/Q and Press DPAD/M3
Example: Q and Mouse Wheel

and Share Your Experience


You found the spectrometer,
and is the one from Omega.

Works like some kind of radar
that can detect alien signals.

See you on the other side, brother,
but that side has caught our friend.

There are some power on those things.
It seems like Epsilon was chasing it ...

What do the mighty do with their power?
They use it to watch people, of course.

Something big is happening at this time,
I think... an alien invasion is beginning.

There are many things I just can't explain,
but Maze Bank was a good place to start.

I found five of them in that area,
but I have no news of any other.

If my fears were true ...
there will be many more.

Help me please, help us.
Any hint is appreciated.

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