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This is my first simple script for GTA V. This is allows you to use 3 abilities (mainly slow mo) by pressing the "Y" button. I know there are lots of better mods that do this function already but you need to toggle them on/off. The goal in mind is to let AddonPeds use similar abilities like Micheal's, Franklin's ability etc with duration and cool-down.

Note: you can still use these script with Micheal.Franklin And Trevor if you'd like.
You can also use this with your online character in single player.

3 abilities - available to use (Bullet Time, Driving Focus, Temporary Invincibility) one skill can be activated a time.

Bullet time - slows time greatly(0.25) and has a duration of 32s, Activated by aiming(must be on foot) and pressing 'Y'.

Driving Focus - slows time by half(0.5) and has a duration of 35s, Activated by being in a vehicle and pressing 'Y'.

Temporary Invincibility - slows time slightly(0.8) and makes you invincible and has a duration of 30s, Activated by not aiming, not in a vehicle and pressing 'Y'.

Skill Cool-down - after the a skill has ended. you must wait for 55s in order to activate them again.

Skill Cancellation - after a skill is activated press 'Y' again to cancel it this will make the skill enter cool-down.

Screen Effects - when a skill is activated this triggers.

.ini File Support.

Known Issues:
  • 'Y' spamming should now be fixed because if you press 'Y' after a skill is activated it will cancel it.

.INI file:
SkillKey - set the skill activation/cancellation key here.
SkillCooldownDuration - set the skill cool-down duration here(in seconds).
--Can usually be found in all skills--
Enable - set this (true/false) if you want to enable or disable that specific skill.
TimeScale - Time Scale is how slow do you want the time to be when the skill is activated (1.0 means normal time, The lower the number the slower time will be).
Duration - set the skill duration here(in seconds).
EnableScreenEffect - set this (true/false) if you want to enable/disable the screen effect for that skill default is true (means screen effect is enabled).
EnableSoundEffect - set this (true/false) if you want to enable/disable the sound effect for that skill default is true.
--Driving Focus options only--
TimeScaleCar - time scale for when you are in a car.
TimeScaleBoat - time scale for when you are in a boat.
TimeScaleHeli - time scale for when you are in a heli.
TimeScalePlane - time scale for when you are in a plane.

Planned Features:
  • An additional skill.
  • Skill duration UI(I might be using native ui for this in the future).
  • Improve some of the skills.


Just dropped the .dll file in your GTA V script folder.
Note: if you have been using the old V1.0 delete ThreeInOneSpecialAbilities.dll on your script folder to avoid conflicts with this version.

Recommended Mods:
AddonPeds - The main reason I created this mod for. because AddonPeds cannot used special abilities.

Character Swap - Allows you to make the game think your Addon Ped is Micheal/Franklin/Trevor also makes for some funny story mode cut-scenes.

Special Ability Bar Toggler - Disable the special ability bar it is specially useful for AddonPeds since they cannot use special abilities.

Initial Released.

-V1.5a (Closed Beta - Patreon)
Revised Code.
Added skill cancellation.
Added Screen Effects(initial implementation I might change some effects on the future).
Bug discovered(longer skill duration).

Fixed longer skill duration bug.
Changed "Temporary Invincibility" screen effect.
Slight Code Revision not much different with V1.5a
Changed Skill cool-down from 30s to 55s (For Balancing Purposes).

-1.6 (Closed Beta - Patreon)Removed - Unusable
Added .ini file support.
"Driving Focus" have different time scale values depending on what you are currently riding(car,boat,helicopter,plane) can be adjusted via .ini file.
Added sound effects when activating skills.
Changed screen effects for "Driving Focus" when flying in a helicopter/plane.
Code revisions.

-1.6a (Closed Beta - Patreon)
Fixed a bug where the mod loads but does not work.

Fixed "Driving Focus" Screen and Sound effect not playing.
Fixed "Driving Focus" Skill Activated Notification.
Changed sound effects for skills.
Added additional option in the ".ini" file allowing you to disable or enable a specific skill.

Support me on...
If you want to support my work you can subscribe to my YouTube channel it would really helped me a lot. :D

You can also support me on Patreon.
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