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After a long time i discovered the native function (that has been under my nose all this time) to enable the radar components/areas (like Fort Zancudo, for example). The script also enable other components that add a little more detail to the map, including:

Vespucci Beach lifeguard building.
Sandy Shores Beam Me Up.
Paleto Bay fire station building.
Land Act Dam.
Paleto Forest cable car station.
Galileo Observatory.
Strawberry Engine Rebuilds building.
Playboy mansion pool.
Fort Zancudo.
*Ship from the Merryweather Heist preparation mission.
*Merryweather Heist ship (normal and sunk).
*Kortz Center.
*Dignity Party/Heist Yacht.
*Aircraft Carrier.
*Gunrunning Yacht.

Note: the ones with * means that they are rendered only when close enough (this because they're handled in a differente way only one can be loaded at once and also because of this the prison is temporarily removed).

Script Hook V .NET.

Move RadarComponents.cs in the scripts folder.

aimless that helped me to enable the prison (and so the other areas).

Did some more changes to the angled area code.
Added a configuration file from where you can enable the map components (Fort Zancudo and those other small ones). Everything is disabled by default.
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