Logitech LCD Speedometer 1.2

B586f7 20150505 213715[1]


- fixed issues with changing memory location
- added option to change the multiplier for converting the raw speed to mph
- ditched the inno setup wizard because i couldn't get it to pass a virustotal scan

UPDATE: you can now change the memory address of the speed variable(found using cheat engine) by editing "MemoryAddress.txt" in the install directory.

NOTE: this app does not inject any code or modify the game or its memory in any way so there is no way you can get banned for using it, even online.

-Monochrome Logitech LCD game panel(the ones with only one color)
-Logitech Gaming Software 8.55+

Future updates of the game will likely break this app so check back for updates if that happens.

Supports mph and km/h which can be switched between by pressing the first gamepanel button on your Logitech device.

Minimizes to the system tray when run.

If you like it, like it.

Email me at TFXFLRSTX@GMAIL.COM for what ever reason you want, especially if you want to donate some money.

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