Live Traffic Density [SHVDN] - Organic Update 1.1

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Warning: in order to get the best out of this script you may need a capable machine and the right standard traffic density. I strongly reccomend to use the 5x peds and cars gameconfig.meta, downloadable here.

What this mod does?
This mod provides dynamic traffic patterns throughout the day, with particular attention to the weekend patterns.
The philosophy behind it is to reward or punish the driver depending on when he plans to act: A heist done during the rush hour will translate in a harder getaway, sweeping through the bumber-to-bumper traffic. Vice versa, hustling in the night makes it easy to run away from the crime scene.

Where to install?
Scripts folder. ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet required.

1.0 Intial release
1.1 Organic Update
- Added pure randomness to the traffic flow. Traffic schedules are configurable to oscillate, and rush hours may occour anytime
- Garbage trucks schedules: set a specific day and hour to get garbage trucks to go around
- Completely reworked code
- Removed 20% of the spaghetti from the code
- Added 50% more spaghetti
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