Lasso 1.4


Red Dead Redemption lasso weapon!

Place Lasso.dll into your "scripts" folder. You will need the latest ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, the game, and a brain.

This mod brings you back the RDR lasso weapon/utility! Watch your victims squirm as you lasso them. While lassoing someone, get close to hogtie them, if you are close to a vehicle, you can also use your lasso to attach them onto it.

- Initial Release

- Added attached vehicle pedestrian limit due to Euphoria limiting it's scripted ragdolls to 3.
- Lassoed and attached to vehicle pedestrians with guns will try to shoot at you.
- When you hogtie a pedestrian, they will drop their current gun and remove all their weapons.
- Attached vehicle pedestrians will automatically be set free if the player is far away to fix crashing.
- Minor bug fix that made the script confused if to hogtie or to attach to vehicle.
- Pedestrians that are lassoed/attached to vehicles will now use UseHeadLook and look at the player mercifully.

- Added hanging option.
- When a victim is hogtied to a vehicle, their legs will be bound together and the rope will be attached to their legs.
- Fixed problem where you couldn't hogtie a lassoed victim when no vehicles were around.

- When a pedestrian is lassoed, their hats/glasses fall off.
- The pedestrian will try to keep balance when lassoed much longer now.
- Lassoed and attached to vehicle pedestrians with guns will try to shoot at you fixed to only shoot bullets in their current clip, no more infinite ammo.
- Added carrying animation.

- Updated for latest game version/fixed crashes
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