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This mod adds a dynamic stamina and endurance system for the player. You can run full speed until you are out of breath and continue doing so until you get exhausted. How to improve your fitness? Go to the gym!

  • Dynamic stamina and endurance.
  • Working gym with a first time intro.
  • Immersive San Andreas like interactable exercise mechanic.
  • Improve your in-game stats like strength and stamina as well as the endurance stat from the mod.
  • Automatic save file.

Press E when you're near gym equipment to use it. You will see a 2D icon when close to one.
Spam G when you're performing the exercise. Having more power will lengthen your stamina duration and you will get more points upon completing it.
Press F10 after you started the workout to access the menu. (You can configure the key in the .INI file.)

1.0.1: Fixed the configuration key not working.
Working out will now also improve the in-game strength, stamina and lung capacity stats.
1.0.1a: Fixed the player not regenerating stamina/endurance after getting exhausted, being stuck with the exhausted animation.

Drop everything in to the "scripts" folder.

Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET
NativeUI (Included in the file)
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