Fast Engine 1.0 (FINAL)

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Tired of waiting your car to start?! Here, I got u.

What is it?
This mod starts your car faster and disable the alarm if its on. If you're stealing the car, the script will be more useful bcuz it'll insta start ur car.

Developed by Paulo Henrique Kava de Souza, aka PhK.

  • Requirements:
    Latest ScriptHookV version;
    GTA V in latest version.

    Put the FastEngine.asi in your GTA V folder;
    FOR MORE INFOS READ readme.txt.

    Just play, the script will auto activate by itself;

    1.0 (FINAL):
    Now the script auto start, this means there's no .ini file anymore;
    A message shows up when the engine starts, just to show my credits;
    The mod will not be update anymore from now.
    Script release.

    Known issues:
    There are no issues reported. :)

    Bugs or suggestions:
    • Report on the comments field or
    • Steam:
    • Skype: paulotw2011

    P.s: Sorry for my bad english.

    Brasil 2017
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