DrunkIV 1.5



IV/RDR Euphoria Styled Drunk Balancing and Walking!

Place DrunkIV.dll and DrunkIV.ini into your "scripts" folder. You will need the latest Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook.

J - Toggle Drunk

The control can be edited via the .ini file.

drunk_cam - Makes the camera shaky.

drunk_cam_amplitude - The amount of shake applied to the drunk cam if enabled.

ragdoll_getup_delay - How many milliseconds it takes for the player to get up from falling down.

play_drinking_anim - Whether or not to play drinking beer animation before you drunk ragdoll

This mod lets you use euphoria drunk ragdolls to balance just like in GTA IV and RDR.

I hated the static walking style canned animations that Rockstar gave us for drunks where you couldn't even balance or fall down. So I made a Euphoria powered drunk walking mod that resembles that of IV and Red Dead Redemption! Have fun trying to balance yourself!

- Initial Release

- Fixed .ini issue with keys.
- When drunk is enabled and you fall down you don't have to disable and enable again, you get up automatically.
- Fixed balance.
- Fixed disabling drunk.

- Added ragdoll delay in .ini setting.
- Added point gun feature.

- Fixed Euphoria stuff for latest updates!
- Removed point gun feature due to new GTA updates breaking Euphoria scripting.
- Added drunk cam.

- Rewritten script/ini/etc with GTA IV drunk values
- Added back point gun/shooting feature
- Added grab feature (hang onto cars/objects by holding jump button)
- Added drinking beer animation (configurable in ini)

- Fixed an issue where the game would crash by removing incompatible features
- Added an optional setting which automatically activates drunk mode if the player is drunk from in-game activities (drinking in bar, hanging out, etc)
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