Active enemies hordes ( warzone ) 1.2.0


In this mod you can create a war zone for fight with resistant enemies, you can enmable allies or not and create a custom horde with planes
cars tanks boat and more (is amazing for plane vs plane battles), also you can customize all values of the allies and enemies for more resistence, weapons, range incluso puedes usar add-on peds.

Mod Features:
-Xtreme battles in air, sea and land
-10 level of hordes
-Custom Hordes
-Resistant enemies
-You can set when headshot is activated
-Customizable settings for individual units
-You can add vehicles of the game
-Support for add-on peds and vehicles

Previous Requirements:
-.NET Framework 4.6.0
-ScriptHookVDotNet v2.10.9
-NativeUI v1.7 (v1.8 for presets customization)
-ScriptHookV v1.0.1604

Extract the file enemies_hordes_v1.0.dll and active_Enemies_Hordes_conf.xml and move it into you "scripts" folder in the path where you have installed the game.
Example: C:/Program Files/Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/

How to use:
Press Y to open the mod menu
(More instructions in the download)

If do you like my work please donate one dollar. I will be grateful.
(I need a better GPU)

version 1.2.0
-Works well with any character
-Better performance

version 1.1.1
Just I changed the zone range limit and add the reference files for edit presets really is not a significant change

version 1.1.0
-Auto respawn non-combat units
-I reduced the resistence of the units in the presets

Note: If you have at same time excessive peds for you hardware your game will crash.
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