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This is one of the many characters I created for a GTA V series I was going to make called "Survivors". However, the series never came to be so I thought I might as well share some of these skins here on GTA5Mods! If you'd like me to upload more of the character models from it let me know, since there are quite a few others.

Installation Instructions:

-The "Skin Control" mod is required. Download here:

-Simply drop the "Skin Control.ini" file straight to your GTA V directory.
note: If you already have skins of your own within the ini (the one that's in your GTA V folder already) then you can easily copy the line in my ini that starts with "Sarah(Denim)" and paste it into the existing ini bellow the hotkey.

-Once in-game, press the hotkey you have determined for the "Skin Control" mod or the one I set: F10

Well, that's that, enjoy! Feel free to give me some feedback!
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