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1.3 - deleted the gun holster from the upload since the original author didn't want to give permission, eventho he left his files unlocked. bummer, but if you need the holster, contact me

These accesoiries were special made as a Birthday/xMas present for Sheriff Trisha Hawke.
I have known Miss Hawke since around the time i started GTA modelling. Since then we've had a big history.
A lot of laughs, a lot of tears.
A lot of fights, a lot of fears.
But after all these years it was about time to show myself from my best 'modding' side and surprise her
with some costum made uniform parts.
After i showed it to her, we together decided to release it to public, so you fellow female deputies could use it!
For a long time i had a instagram account myself, known as Mary de Jong, but for reasons i stopped that account,
but you can still see Miss Hawke in Action @Trisha_Hawke
It would mean a lot to her if you start following her!

a lot of stuff was found unlocked on or
I do Not take credit for the modelling part of all the stuff, i only did the convert and retexturing.

This Upload contains several items wich i converted into MP_Female

Base model credits:
-Tactical Vest: Enhanced US Army
-New Duty Belts: CodeyWynne/Prio1gaming
-New Leg holster: CodeyWynne
-Waterbag for the vest: Enhanced US Army
-gopro with chestmount: Prio1gaming
-new Hat: Rstar Games

drag and drop everything in Folder1 into:

drag and drop everything in Folder2 into:

drag and drop everything in Folder3 into:
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