Military Swat/Sheriff Re-texture 0.1 Beta

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The Swat/Sheriff Military Re-texture! A heavily modified, highly detailed Re-texture you all deserve it for the awesome support! Please continue supporting and the Mods/Textures will continue to get better and better!
Thank you so much!
Comes with:
Sheriff Military Texture replace
S.W.A.T Military Texture replace
*Can only use one at a time! (Trying to work around)*
This is beta as of right now. The textures may not blend correctly or have proper animation and what not. Other textures may be left out and are entitled to improvement. Please inform me of any bugs and what not. Thanks again!

Also! Please check out our up coming machinima! We need body actors and support! Thank you!

Download and install

Military Uniform (Helmet included): x64e -> models -> cdimages -> componentpeds_s_m_y and replace s_m_y_marine_03.ytd
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