Iron Man (w/ Helmet Model) 4.0


I am going to be working on this as much as I can, I'm going to be remaking all the textures so they match the model mask, I will try to do a model body - But will probably not happen so the mask will probably be the best I can do at the moment!

Helmet model created by me!

-Created by Vrinity.
-Version 4.0

If you want to use the Iron man head model you will need JulioNIB's IronManV mod!
Download here! -->

Iron Man Mod For Trevor.
This replaces the scuba suit, the skull mask, Trevor's prologue boots, the parachute and also a pair of gloves and the Welding mask, with Iron man textures.

To use this mod you'll need any kind of native trainer with clothing editors (Character Menu).
I recommend Simple Native Trainer 2.3
And JulioNIB's Script ( )

Known Bugs:
Boots glitch through trousers.
Any more? let me know In the comments.

If anything goes wrong with this, please replace all the files from the backup folder in their correct locations.

Plans for the future:
I am going to be re-modelling the whole suit but I can't at the moment as 3DS Max keeps crashing for me, Since I upgraded to Windows 10.

If you have any ideas for this then please let me know, any feedback is appreciated.
Rates are also highly appreciated as it gives me a rough idea of what people think.

All instruction are included in the download!
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