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After making the GTA 4 triad ped a couple weeks back, I decided to start on a cool look but for the Vagos. I had already had the idea to make them the Puerto Rican gang, but I didn't know who to change. After hours of editing I have finally made the look that I wanted them to have! They now have a really cool yellow striped jacket with variations and a nice Puerto Rican flag shirt that just fits them so well!

I also decided to change up the head variation to a different style which is only on the salvagoon. So it makes him unique!

While making the ped I converted the GTA 4 ped voice which took a long time to put in the right places. I only did one voice, so you will just have to find the variation in game.

Installation included in the read me


Sometimes his neck may go a little bit through the shirt on the different head variation, but it isn't that noticeable.

The chain necklace sort of goes through his left shoulder, but I can't fix that; it was the only necklace that was visible with both the shirt and jacket.

Future Ideas:

Add more voices

Add new looks for all the vagos peds

Give the street punks the harlem look and voice from GTA 4

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