Swedish Police (K9) BMW 0.2


Swedish K9 unit BMW 5 series retextured and edited by me.

Changelog: Fixed windows and some minor changes to the reflective foil at the rear window.

To do: Fix the LOD.s on the vehicle and make windows crashable.

New model made by Double Doppler, wich also gave me permission to edit the model and upload it. The main edit on the vehicle is that i just removed the ANPR radar and some extra antennas on the roof, the rest is all modelled by Double Doppler, and without him and the rest of all credited people this would not have been possible. So a big thanks to all of you guys.

The installation manual is in the files.

Uncredited for your work? Please contact me through PM.

Model Credits
- Model (arkviz)
- Converted to GTA V (Double Doppler)
- Materials, mapping, template and fixes (Double Doppler)
- Skins (Double Doppler)
- Numberplates (Double Doppler)

Components Used
- Premier Hazard Sovereign (Double Doppler)
- LED lights (Double Doppler)
- Police light mapping (Double Doppler ft. a lot of patience)
- Caravan Mirror (Double Doppler)
- Boot Divider (Double Doppler)
- ANPR Camera (Double Doppler) (deleted in this model)
- Antennae (PriMan) (deleted in this model)
- Watch Guard (BxBugs123)
- MDT store (Double Doppler)

Additional Credits
- F5544 for writing a helpful guide
- My fans for spreading the word about the first British police car mod!
Texture and model editing credits
- 19Legan81 for the swedish texture and edited model of the car with permission from Double Doupler.
- The edit is only that i detached the ANPR radar and some extra antennas from the car roof,
to make it more realistic to a swedish police car.

The original model can be found here:

Please if you use this edited model, atleas credit me please.
Have fun
// 19Legan81

KNOWN ISSUE: I could nor fix the LODs, so the dissapearing vehicle in far distance is still there.
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