Princess Celestia paintjob for Elegy Retro Custom 1.0

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Inspired by this masterpiece, I decided to recreate it in the game. Yeah, I know that Skyline isn't even close to Škoda Rapid, but whatever. You can replace any existing paintjob with it by renaming the file to elegy1_livery*.yft (where the asterisk stands for any number from 1 to 9) and putting it into elegy_mods.rpf archive, or (for advanced users only) add it without replacing by putting it into elegy_mods.rpf archive as it is and adding an additional livery item to the Elegy's modkit in carcols.meta.

The original drawing by Cannibalus.
Technical implementation by Boywond (because even though it's just a texture, it just has to be put into a model file, right R*?).
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