E.V.G. Photorealistic (BETA) 1.5.1


Come to this link would help me a lot

Here is a small modification in the time cycle, since I do not want to re-upload the entire mod just for this, so here is a separate download, before you have to download "E.V.G" and then replace with these files


The lights are almost useless in the dark, the colors in the day turn out to be very beautiful, but not everything is perfect there is still much more

For a better appearance you should also make changes to the monitor of your pc

Give me a "I love it", it doesn't cost anything


Mod files, and ".bat" file that redirects you to the add-ons that this mod requires.

My old mod Extity-XF, has been erased but this has come to replace.


-All time cycles have been modified
-Adjustments for the density of trees, grass, among others
-Settings for, ENB series
-Wide variety of modified textures


-New time cycle


-It has been improved the rain system giving
a more real appearance
-Correction of colors of the sky
-This radio station "Soulwax FM" has been changed
-Improvement in the explosion system
-Added SweetFX this gives a more realistic look to the game
-The grass texture was changed
-The water is now a little more transparent and crystal clear


-Added presets for each taste, it can be darker, with more color or a film effect, just choose one of the presets that is to your liking
(Soon there will be more)


- Corrected color and brightness.
- Version of textures, 0.0.2, includes palm trees, streets, etc. By Uranus6969
- Improvement of the explosion system.
- Improvement of the fire.
- Improvement of the decals.
- Better driving.
- The tessellation effect has been improved.


- Better reflection on cars
- Decrease in color
- Global lighting edition
- More objects thanks to "Map Editor"


- Higher traffic density
- A more distant appearance of cars
- Corrected the effect of a bluish color
- New cars in 4 and 5 star pursuits
- Different colors in the light of the light emitters (cars, cell phones, lamps, etc.)
- More objects were added thanks to (Map Editor), you need to download it
-Map Editor


- Have added different types of water, as well as new moons and my own dollar in HD.
It has been edited "visualsettings", "dispatch" and others, pontro will come new improvements. Now leave your "I love it"

The best Shaders were chosen (in my opinion) and some parameters were modified for a better look

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