XIIV (Graphics Enhancement) 2.0


XIIV (Graphics Enhancement)

- Everything was reconfigured from scratch
- added Depth Of Field

- Bloom
- Ambient Light
- Shadow

- Ambient Light (+ dirt effect)
- Bloom
- Chromatic Aberration
- Technicolor 2
- DPX (off)
- Lift Gamma Gain
- Tonemap
- Vibrance
- Curves
- Reinhard

You can use SMAA or FXAA.

• To enable FXAA set #define USE_FXAA to 1 and #define USE_SMAA to 0 • (Image might get a bit too blurry with FXAA enabled)
• You can fix this with a #define sharp_strength value of ~ 1.1

• Disable the ingame FXAA

ENB and ReShade Install:

Download here:(Reshade Framework Version 1.1.0f1)
If Win 10, then renamed to ReShade 64.dll dxgi.dll.
A enblocal.ini write:

Extract the files somewhere safe, then copy them into your main GTAV directory.

Download the latest ENB from here:

Extract somewhere safe, then copy all of the files INSIDE the Wrapper Version folder, into your main GTAV directory.

Download my files from here and extract somewhere safe.

Copy the Reshade file from my download, into your GTAV directory, overwriting everything when asked.

Copy the 2 enb files from my download, into your main GTAV directory and overwrite everything when asked.


- VisualV: _CP_, robi29
- ENBSeries: Boris Vorontsov
- ReShade: Crosire
- SweetFX:Ceejay
- GemFX: LuciferHawk
- McFX: Marty McFly
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