Ultimate Gore/Caliber(Only One File) 1.2


This is a modification of Bloodfx.dat file,handcrafted with passion with the objective of bring a sistem of gore in a very simple way,every caliber has diferent texture damages with entry and exit holes. Hope you enjoy,this is my first uploaded mod.
Install with OpenIV in Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\effects

-Added wounds in head from melee damage.

1.2(watch the video):
-Added MG´s extreme gore, but is necessary to modify a parameter in weapons.meta file, you must search EffectGroup parameters of MG and assaultMG weapons and change with this: WEAPON_EFFECT_GROUP_HEAVY_MG
or if you want much more easy you can download my mod whcih already as this feature. In the future i will simplify this process

(comming soon)1.3[FINAL]:
-This will be a big and definitive version, almost all weapons will have a different gore texture consistent with his caliber(pistols with different gore textures and more)
-I will include modified MG´s lines for weapons.meta(BRUTAL DAMAGE)
-Different melee bruises and damages
-Added randomness in wounds
-I will upload this soon when i have tested it all

Credits- Bravercoolio, for the original idea of making gore a lot better :)
And PsiBurner:
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