Ultimate Anatomically/Realistic Ragdoll 1.4



This is my modification of physicstasks.ymt file which controls the euphoria reactions ingame.
Is based on RAGEragdoll mod and RDR ragdoll,but i think this is more realistic and fun :)
-Realistic reaction to head traumas and melee
-Pain reaction to shots
-Realistic headshot reactions(i dont like rageragdoll or rdr ragdoll headshots, they are not realistic in any sense)

-This is the original version, focused only on pure realism(
my philosophy is the more realism the better), you will feel the power of your weapons on your enemies
-Works much better with my other mod that modifies weapons:

-This is a retouched version which adds more reaction and balancing
for those who want to sacrifice a bit of realism in pursuit of fun(more grotesque reactions, more like Red dead redemption II)

-Headshot has been improved, now is more realistic and headshot sometimes makes the ped had a shock because massive head trauma.

-Now headshot will be improved a lot, the nerves and muscles get tense and sometimes the ped had a shock trauma with seizures.In my opinion this is my best advance in headshot realism. Hope you like and rate it¡ (see last video)

-With OpenIV overwrite vanilla Physicstasks.ymt with mine in \Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\tune
-I will update both versions
I hope you enjoy and take some feedback !!
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