The Metropolitan Emergency Station Pack [DLC] 3.0


The Metropolitan Emergency Station Pack by Zomby991

This mod aims to replace the LSPD stations with Metropolitan Police Station, all the fire department with LFB and all the hospitals with NHS

The stations in La Mesa, Mission Row, The sheriff offices in Davis, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay have been given a Metropolitan Police makeover, as well as the interior of the Mission Row Police Station.

I hope you all enjoy the mod and if you have suggestions or constructive feedback, leave them in the comments and I'll make sure to read it.

- Open All Interiors -

How To Install

Go to your GTA 5 Directory and locate
Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

Then Drag and drop the folder into there.

Check List

- Add textures for;
-- Mission Row Police Station ✔
-- Davis Sheriff Station ✔
-- LA Mesa Police Station ✔
-- Vespucci Police Station ✔
-- Vinewood Police Station ✔
-- Rockford Hills Police Station
-- Sandy Shores Sheriff's Station ✔
-- Paleto Bay Sheriff Station ✔
-- Bolingbroke Penitentiary
-- FIB Building
-- IAA Building

- Fix the LOD on the billboard in Paleto Bay
- Add Met and British Billboards around the world of Los Santos

Change Log

-- The Files have been compressed
-- WIP NCA Building has been added

-- Added Intro Music "Police Interceptors Theme Tune"
-- Fixed The Fire Doors In Davis Fire Station
-- Few Texture Fixes

-- Added Davis Fire Station
-- Fixed The Interior Of The Fire Stations
-- Fixed The Fire Doors

-- Adds Blue Gates To Mission Row Station
-- Few Texture Updates

-- Adds MESP Logo To Loading Screen
-- Adds Loading Screen Pictures

-- Adds Vespucci Beach Lifeguard Station
-- Adds RNLI Flag
-- HD Texture Updates

-- Adds SandyShores Fire Station
-- Adds Paleto Bay Fire Station
-- Adds LFB Flag

-- Big Update!!!
--- Changed The Name Of The Mod
--- Adds El Burro Heights Fire Station
--- Adds El Burro Heights Hospital
--- HD Texture Updates
--- Adds New Thumbnail
--- Adds Updated .oiv file
-- Few Texture Fixes

-- Added New Textures To the Commissioner's Office In The Mission Row Police Station
- News Paper
- Diplomas
-- Few Texture Updates

-- Finished The Briefing Room In The Mission Row Police Station
- Adds A Met TV
- Adds A Met Mouse Mat To TheDesk
-- Mis Texture Updates

-- Now Compatible With The Cunning Stunts Update
-- Fixed The Vinewood Police Station Textures

-- Added Met Sign toVinewood Police Station

-- Added Vinewood Police Station

-- Updated Texture
-- Updated Pictures
-- Added Vespucci Police Station

-- Few Texture Updates and New Install Paths

-- Few Texture Updates

-- Adds Met Police Sign into Mission Row Station
-- Few Texture Updates

-- Few Texture Fixes and Updates
-- Adds A Few "Easter Eggs" - Will You Find Them All?

-- Adds Sign to Sandy Shores Station
-- Adds Met Sign To The Front Of Paleto Bay Station
-- Few Texture Fixes

-- Adds Met Police Computers To The Mission Row Station
-- Adds Wooden Floor To The Paleto Bay

-- Initial Public Release

Thanks to @poepsnol38 For creating the 3D Met police Logo for the Police Station :D

Met Emergency Station Pack Copyright © Zomby991 2016/17
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