Real Names for GTA V 1.14

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This mod changes the names of all vehicles, locations, weapons, radio stations and more, making them adaptable to their real counterparts. Easy customization via the included template file, with support for Add-On/Replace/DLC objects and full compatibility with different mod configurations, game version updates etc.


• OIV auto installer / uninstaller
• Real brand logos for LeFix Speedometer
• Compatibility with all languages / mods
• Fixed duplicate names for vehicle variants


Jax765 for Real Weapon Names
OpenIV Team for new install method
LeFix and ikt for LeFix Speedometer
_Vlad_ for Real Names For Everything
ModCollection for Mega Realistic Car Pack
RSR_Commander for Real Location Names
GTA Wiki and GTAForums for names reference


* Compatibility with Arena War update 1.0.1604.0
* Updated names for 621 vehicles and 63 weapons
* 167 real brand logos for LeFix Speedometer
* New DLC install mode

* Compatibility with After Hours update 1.0.1493.0
* 14 new vehicles added (575 in total)
* 3 new brand logos for LeFix Speedometer (165 brands, 557 vehicles)
* Added new names for radio stations, weapons and locations
* Removed Mega Realistic Car Pack support since it's no longer updated

* New compatibility mode for duplicate vehicles: no more conflicts with vehicles.meta from
other mods (see readme). Thanks to OpenIV Team for help.

For full changelog see readme.
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