No More Disappearing Blips


If you use a lot of mods that adds blips to the map you might have seen that some other blips disapear, such as mission's blips, ammu nations, etc..

I have seen a lot of people complaining about mods saying that they make the blips disapear. But it is not the mods. It is because the game actually does have a blip max limit. So what I did here is just increase that limit so you can use more blips.

The mod change one line in the gameconfig.xml file.

Installation :

Simply replace the gameconfig.xml file in update/update.rpf/common/data with openIV.

Merge :

If you want to keep your gameconfig.xml file because it is used by another mod :

Simply extract it on your desktop with openIV to modify it
Search for "RADAR_BLIP"
You should find only one value that is 1800
Change that to something bigger and here you go. I use 9800 in my mod.

Feedbacks :

Please report any bugs or performance lost with this mod. This is the first version and I haven't tested it much. I don't know if the game supports it well. If it doesn't I will try to put a lower value while still keeping the blips.

You are free to do whatever the hell you want with it.
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