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This mod changes the way the radio wheel and the radio screens in cars show the radio stations' names. Instead of just a name, a name with "FM", a name with a frequency or something like that, now you can see each stations' frequency (some of them are made up by me and some of them are the actual frequencies of in-game stations), their call signs (all of them are made up) and then the original stations' names.

For example:
Before: Los Santos Rock Radio
After: 102.3 KLSR-FM "Los Santos Rock Radio"

Another example:
Before: Vinewood Boulevard Radio
After: 106.7 KVBR-FM "Vinewood Boulevard Radio"

And so on.


This mod is compatible with:

  • NightRide FM by Boywond and Wildbrick142 (

  • Afterglow FM by LamboFreak (
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