LASD Sheriff Uniform Hat 3.0

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I find that LASD had a kind of UNIFORM HAT like the screenshot, so I make it, seems like high level officers can own it, so just have a play!

Now the final version.
I didn't take the photo because it need time.(in game it will be really fantastic)
so I write there.
Last time for 2.0, I didn't find the HD version of the bandage,
but now 3.0 is.
So this must be the final version now!

Thanks for all of you for your help!
Well, I do a full new version, but 1.0 is still very good, so you gana choose to download.

Installation Guide is in the Readme file, so please remember to read it.
And Because I couldn't find the same hat bandage as the photo, so if any one had got it, please send it to me and I will update.

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