L.A. Vegetation 3.0


L.A. Vegetation V3.0 is my latest mod...i reworked from scratch the entire vegetation of gtav...This time u find all plants bush flowers trees from los angeles...I spent more of 2 weeks to finalize because it's hard to find the right plants textures and create the apha and fix the colours...But i'm very happy now for the result...U find now the real creosote from joshua tree international park...Yucca, desert flowers, desert plants for blaine county...In the city u find many flowers trees and bushesh from Los Angeles...And the grass now have more consistency i used the fountain grass tipycal from l.a.
see the screenshots how do i make the textures...from real life to the game...
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Grand Theft Auto V Remastered [Add-On] 1.3

visual iv:

To Install follow the folders and replace it with OpenIV To install manually..
or OIV vrs here:
L.A. Vegetation 3.0 [.OIV]



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