GTA V Starter Save 1.3 Bonus Pre-Order and No Bonus Pre-Order versions.


Starter Save for Grand Theft Auto V
Trying a new game but kinda lazy to look for Spaceship parts? or Leonora Johnson letter scraps? this is for you!

Only Franklin and Lamar completed because its necessary, made it with Grand Theft Auto V Save editor by XB36Hazard, Trevor Rampages gold achieved, all Mini games completed, all Monkey Mosaics completed, all Trash on the sea completed, all Leonora Jhonson Leter Scraps collected (You can do the mission after the 3 mission), all Peyotes collected (not the golden ones) Rockstar returning players unlocked nothing more about this. (I can't change the aviation scores in the beggining of the game so you'll have to do this, and the Ammu nation shoot range its impossible too, so you'll have to this too)
any bugs or incompatibility, please tell me on the comments. have fun.

Installation Guide: put on your save file folder, if you use Social Club use this folder: C:\ProgramData\Socialclub\Player\271590
Steam: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\(user-id)

Update: Stock cars race issue if you jump the cutscene. i'll do a version without the stock cars achievements.

Update:All racing completed removed! due bugs and impossible to achieve 100%, now you have to complete then to get the cars. and now has other Savefile which is just missing one of all things. use the Collectible Collector to find out!

Added images of all of one missing things to you achieve things on steam.

special thanks to: Hanneswasco and XB36Hazard without this guys this will not be possible.

if you have any problem with the returning player thing download this:

Want to look at the save file with GTA Save Editor? here are the number of each of the missing things: bridge 42
knight flight 15
letter scraps 50
nuclear 28
spaceship 31
stunt jump 22
monkey 23.

Easy. you can use this mod in whatever you want just credit me
Only download this files in
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