Gta 3 Loading music 1.0


Hi all,

This mod simply replaces the loading music with the one from gta 3 (classic universe)
I found multiple ones from vice city and san andreas here on gta5mods, but i noticed there is none with gta 3 music.
And although i played some time with one from vice city, after replacing it, i find the gta 3 one a bit more suiting.
But that comes down to personal preference offcourse,...


1 - Extract this mod to a folder
2 - Start OpenIV and search for prologue.rpf in your mod directory (.../mods/x64/audio/sfx/PROLOGUE.rpf)
3 - In OpenIV at the top of the window click on new , and then on import openformats.
4 - Browse to the folder where you extracted the mod in and select td_loading_music.oac , then click open.
5 - A dialogue box will open with the .oac file listed,.. click ok
6 - Done


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