Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Sounds for Simple Zombies Mod 1.1


This mod makes the runner zombies from the simple zombies mod by SOLLAHOLLA sound like zombies from Call of Duty Black Ops.

I added other zombie sounds from different games and movies as well, so you may recognize them!


Call of Duty Black Ops

Dead Island

Dying Light

Resident Evil Retribution


World War Z

Sorry if some of the audio is a little choppy, but I took sounds from youtube, so not all of them are clear. I plan to fix and add some different sounds in the future!

Installation Instructions included in the read me!

I added the zombies mod from SOLLAHOLLA(all credit goes to him for making the mod). For people with the zombies mod issue.


~ 1.1 Added working zombies mod for those who can't get it to work. :)

~ 1.0 initial release

Future Plans

~ Add Last of Us sounds

~ Add sounds from Left 4 Dead

~ Add sounds from Half Life

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