Bass Dragon's Euphoria Overhaul v1.4



This Is My Edit Of physicstasks.ymt.I Was Able To Make Some Nice Looking Reactions.

Features Are In Any Video

v1.0:Default: This Is The Default Version of the mod.Nothing Special Yet

v1.1: Any Sort Of HeadShot Will Make Peds Plop Down,Shotguns,Heavy Revolvers,Snipers.Ect Will Make Peds Plop Down As Well.(All These Features Are In The v1.1 Video)

v1.2:A Lot Of Tweaking Done In Gunshot Reactions And Falling Reactions.

v1.3:Added A .OIV Package Installer,behaviours.xml And weapons.meta
For Manual Install,Added More Falling Reactions,Now You Can Use Automatic Weapons Without Ped Flying Back Thanks To The Weapons.meta.

v1.4:A Lot More Tweaking Done In Gunshot Reactions And Falling Reactions.
Added Backup Folders Just In Case.Player Will No Longer Reach For The Ground While Falling.Example:( )

Manual Installation:
Each File Contains A Installation.txt
The Text Document Will Tell You Where To Put Each File


Install Using The .OIV File

I'd Appreciate Some Feedback.If There's Recommendations I Will Try My Best To Make It Happen.
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