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Now that SF has been added next to LS we can go back in the years... but sf feels not as lively as it used to be. Not anymore though, San Fierro is back and more alive than ever.

This mod aims to bring back the trees to SF. There have been added trees to almost all the original spots as well as new spots. The trees are aimed to be placed realistically, although not too realistically. New items and cranes have been added to the docks as well as some spawned vehicles around the map.

This is an unfinished mod that I haven't touched for months so I am releasing it now. An update may be coming if this gets enough interest. Light posts are next.

Installation instructions:
1. Download the main map and install it -
2. Download Menyoo - Other map editors will probably work but I have only tested with Menyoo.
3. Put SFTree xml in GTA V\Menyoo\Spooner
4. Open Menyoo menu, go to Spooner, Saved entities and load SFTree placement
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